We are Using the Best Technology Platforms

AFA Technology Platform

AFA’s commitment to using the best technology in the industry sets it apart from other fund administrators. We are constantly evaluating new products and ideas to give our clients the very best service we can offer. The cornerstone of AFA’s Fund Administration offering is a fully integrated solution provided by SunGard’s Virtual Portfolio Manager (“VPM”) and Pacific Fund Systems PFS-Paxus. Through our integrated platforms and custom reporting capabilities AFA is redefining full service fund administration.

Trade booking, lifecycle, and reporting

Utilizing VPM and PFS-Paxus, AFA maintains a transactional history for each tax lot starting with the initial trade, working through the lifecycle of the position and corporate actions, and to the final valuation or closing trade. AFA’s fully integrated accounting platform tracks all Profit and Loss, Accruals, and Mark to Market at a tax lot level and records all the information into a double-sided general ledger, enabling AFA to provide our clients and their investors with complete transparency reporting.

Net asset value, accruals, and investor allocations

AFA’s fund accounting platform includes a robust allocation engine that can perform complex calculations such as waterfalls, tiered hurdle rates, and clawbacks. AFA’s allocation engine allows for standard allocation methodologies as well as Side Pockets and other clearly defined Uneven Distributions, eliminating the need for re-classing or top-side journal entries. A client fund’s fee accruals are calculated based on specific input parameters and the investor allocation engine distributes income and expense accordingly.

Relationship management and report distribution

AFA utilizes PFS-Paxus for relationship management and Anti-Money Laundering due diligence tracking of fund investors. PFS-Paxus features a share registry/transfer agency module, and a robust CRM platform integrated into the other products such as Outlook.

AFA utilizes PFS-CONNECT, a fully integrated web access module, to provide investors, their advisors and fund managers with real time web based access utilizing the latest .NET technology. PFS-CONNECT is tightly integrated within the core PFS-PAXUS product, allowing operations users to maintain and control most of the web access functions from within the core PFS-PAXUS application, thus reducing the need for expensive IT staff involvement in day-to-day web access operations.