Advanced Fund Administration (“AFA”) Announces Strategic

Advanced Fund Administration (“AFA”) Announces Strategic
Nov 03, 2014

AFA is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Hedge Connection, offering AFA clients a web-based platform connecting alternative investment managers with accredited investors and allocators to facilitate the raising of capital.

Through a virtual introduction platform, known as the Capital Club, managers can source participating investors and request introductions based on matching investment criteria. Allocators remain anonymous until an introduction is accepted and a phone call is scheduled. The platform dramatically increases a manager’s ability to meet allocators, build relationships, and raise capital.

In addition to the Capital Club, Hedge Connection also offers the Alpha Ten, a weekly promotional feature that highlights up to ten alternative nvestment funds to an audience of targeted allocators. The funds are promoted to Hedge Connection investor members through a dedicated section on the platform, as well as the Hedge Connection blog and newsletters. The Alpha Ten is only available to Capital Club members or through AFA’s sponsorship.

Unlike purchasing static investor data which may cost thousands of dollars, payment by managers utilizing Hedge Connection’s platform is only triggered when investors accept introductions and schedule phone calls with managers. Annual membership to Hedge Connection’s Capital Club begins at $500 USD, and accepted investor introductions are priced at $450 USD each, with every 10

introduction free. As part of AFA’s strategic partnership with Hedge Connection, AFA clients receive a 25% discount to the Capital Club.

Capital Club members receive benefits that include the Alpha Ten and discounts to the Global Fund Forum, Hedge Connection’s annual conference to be held in Bermuda in June 2015.

If you would like to join Hedge Connection’s Capital Club or request additional information, please contact Peter Young at the following:

Peter Young Head of Fund Accounting/Assistant Operations Manager
+1 (908) 273-4545