Cayman Islands Premier Bush Confident On Hedge Fund Industry

Cayman Islands Premier Bush confident on Hedge Fund industry
May 03, 2011

Cayman Hedge Fund Reports the Premier of the Cayman islands optimistic about the future of Hedge Funds in the Cayman Islands. reports the Premier quoting: 

 “The Cayman Islands is heading into a year of recovery, diversification and success across all sectors,” confidently stated Premier and Finance Minister McKeeva Bush in a conference speech in January. His optimistic mood reflects the general belief that the Cayman Islands has turned an important corner in its ability to control its own destiny.  

“Over the next six months,” continued Bush, “my government will continue to introduce and implement measures that are designed to stimulate our economy. Through our proposed Immigration reforms, new development initiatives and continued positive attitude, we will maintain and even enhance the Cayman’s Islands’ status as a world class destination and investment hub.”

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