Pacific Fund Systems Technology

PFS-PAXUS® is a specialist accounting and administration application system designed for the alternative fund administration industry. PFS-PAXUS is revolutionary in that it integrates into one system all the processes that are normally performed on multiple systems. These include securities portfolio accounting, a profit allocation system, a multi-currency general ledger, advanced fee calculations and share registry/transfer agency module. Benefits of this approach include increased efficiency, reduced risk of error, faster valuations, the ability to support complex investment structures, simplified IT infrastructure and vastly reduced IT costs. PFS-PAXUS also brings all the benefits of relational database design such as robustness, scalability, easy access to data and report writing capabilities.

PFS-PAXUS has a fully integrated web access module, PFS-CONNECT®, which provides investors, their advisors and fund managers with real time access using the latest .NET technology. PFS-CONNECT is tightly integrated within the core PFS-PAXUS product, allowing operations users to maintain and control most of the web access functions from within the core PFS-PAXUS application, thus reducing the need for expensive IT staff involvement in day-to-day web access operations.