SunGard Virtual Portfolio Manager Platform

SunGard Virtual Portfolio Manager Platform

AFA and SunGard Technology

AFA utilizes the SunGard Virtual Portfolio Manager (“VPM”) platform to provide fund accounting services to all types of hedge fund structures and investment strategies. VPM utilizes a double-sided general ledger to provide straight-thru-processing, while offering investment managers robust financial reporting and complete transparency.

About SunGard

After 25 years of developing software and managing the systems that help financial services institutions run their business, SunGard is still a leader. SunGard's prestigious track record of industry awards is a reflection of deep understanding of the specialized, mission-critical business processes which lies at the heart of the banking, securities and investments, and insurance industries.

  • SunGard's financial systems account for and manage more than $25 trillion in investment assets
  • SunGard’s financial systems process more than five million trades a day
  • SunGard's capital markets solutions manage $9 trillion in securities lending

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About Virtual Portfolio Manager (“VPM”)

Built by hedge funds, specifically for hedge fund managers, VPM is a comprehensive, multi-currency, fully integrated, customizable investment management solution. From general ledger transactions to reconciliation, VPM connects front- and back-office operations to support all aspects of hedge fund portfolio management. With a true general ledger tightly integrated at the core of the system, VPM stores investment activity and a complete audit trail for efficient drill down analysis, and proper auditing and reporting, providing firms accurate information, transparency and foresight into a funds performance. Designed to accommodate abroad set of instruments, and dynamic investment strategies, VPM is constructed using industry standard technology allowing integration with external data and information vendors, and providing a scalable, easy-to-use solution that adapts to the unique needs of individual business models and trading styles. VPM is FAS 157 compliant.

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