Directorship Services For Cayman Islands Companies

Good corporate governance standards are necessary and desirable for Investment Advisors, fund sponsors and all service providers to investment funds, to ensure that investors' interests are considered and protected throughout the life cycle of the fund.

AFA Legal Services offers experienced professionals, who are conversant with the alternative investment funds industry, to act as Directors of offshore domiciled funds, in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and BVI.

Our Directors serve on the boards of some of the most complex and diverse fund structures in the industry, where they bring their experience to bear in exercising their fiduciary duties to the funds and the shareholders as a whole. Through support from AFA's Corporate Services team, AFA Directors will add an extra dimension to your offshore funds' governance standards.

Our state of the art conference facilities will be made available to the Board for the conduct of regular Board meetings at our offices in the Cayman Islands.

  • Serve in a directorship capacity to hedge and private equity fund Board of Directors
  • Provide assistance with the appointment of Fund Board of Directors