Fund Of Funds Administration Services In Cayman Islands

AFA has developed a dedicated and tailored offering for Fund of Hedge Funds (FoF) clients to address the needs of FoF's and their investors. AFA provides comprehensive shareholder and accounting services, structured to meet the needs of our Fund of Hedge Fund clients.

Fund Valuation Processing

AFA can accept and store estimated and final valuations from underlying fund managers based on gross rate of return, net rate of return, or net asset value. We also have the capability to process information from all underlying investments made by the investee fund, both at the fund level in addition to the underlying securities. Estimated valuations of underlying investee funds can be stored in a data warehouse and compared to actual valuations once finalized.

Portfolio Management

AFA can provide daily, weekly and monthly profit & loss information for both separately managed accounts and investments in funds, providing our FoF clients with the right tools and information necessary to manage their portfolio.

Subscriptions and Redemptions Processing

AFA manages the subscriptions and redemptions process in underlying fund investments. AFA will coordinate with the investee fund's investment manager and their fund administrator to coordinate the delivery of all documentation, cash transfers and confirmations.