Interactive Brokers And AFA

Interactive Brokers and AFA

Interactive Brokers (IBKR) has been in business for the past 40 years. At Advanced Fund Administration (AFA), we are always seeking to broaden the scope of services offered to our clients whilst building in value added drivers to retain clients in the current competitive marketplace.

The key factors supporting AFA’s affirmation of IBKR's popularity among our clients are as follows:

  • Direct access and online trade execution
  • Clearing services to institutional and professional traders
  • A wide variety of electronically-traded products, including:
    • Securities
      1. Stocks
      2. Options
      3. Forex
      4. Fixed income, and
      5. Funds
    • Commodity futures and Options
    • Investment Products:
      1. Margin
      2. Asset Management
      3. New Production
      4. Exchange listings
    • Cash Products:
      1. Integrated Cash Management
      2. Direct Deposit
      3. Bill Pay
      4. Debit Card
      5. Bank Deposit Sweep Program
    • Other Services:
      1. Account Management
      2. Securities Financing
      3. Funding References
      4. Tax Information and Reporting

It is against this background that we seek to cooperate with Interactive Brokers to offer a full range of brokerage services to AFA’s clients.  We feel IBKR will be well positioned to share its technology, and most importantly, its user-friendly approach to brokerage services to help our clients obtain trade information from their systems, both in pdf format, excel, or direct feed.  AFA’s accounting team is familiar with IBKR’s service offering and our executive members are keenly aware of the supporting reasons and synergies of pooling AFA’s and IBKR’s resources, to reduce the average time that it takes to complete fund NAVs, and thereby reduce costs to clients and our firm. We refer to this as increased “Realization Rate” all around.

Our relationship manager at Interactive Brokers is Josh Kelley, and his contact details are as follow:

Josh Kelley
Institutional Sales 
Interactive Brokers Corp
Office: 707.981.8827
Mobile: 707.364.5341

For fund administration services, please contact:

Peter M.O. Young – B.Sc., BBA, CPA, CEMBA, Acc. Dir., MAFM

President and Chief Operating Officer
w. 345.943.4232 | d. 345.747.4230

For legal services, please contact:

Wilton G. McDonald II, Cert., B.Sc, BBA, LLB (Hons.), MBA, LLM, Ph.D. (Cand.), ACCA, FCCA (ret.)
Attorney-at-law (admitted: NY, CT (ret.), USA, Cayman, BVI and Jamaica)
Notary Public: Cayman Islands

Head of AFA Legal Resources (Cayman) Ltd.
w. +345.943.4232 |  f. +345.943.4231 | d. +305.851.2549  | c. (Poland) +48.608.274.583  | c. (UK) +44.161.818.9510  
Skype:  wilton.mcdonald2
AFA Legal Resources (Cayman) Ltd. 
Artemis House, Second Floor – 67 Fort Street-– George Town | PO Box 1748 | Grand Cayman | KY1-1109