Marketing And Capital Raising Advisory Services In Cayman Islands

AFA has developed a two-step approach to empowering Managers to market their fund and grow assets under management. Having a well-thought out and organized marketing strategy is a key component prior to beginning the process of raising capital. During Phase I of its Advisory Service, AFA assists in developing the marketing collateral necessary to implement a fund’s marketing strategy, and in Phase II, makes introductions to AFA strategic partners focused on raising capital and growing assets under management. Marketing collateral products include:

Pitch book/Marketing Deck

A summary of the firm’s qualitative and quantitative characteristics to include firm history, organizational chart, team member biographies, description of the investment strategy, current fund performance, prior track record of principals (if applicable), case studies (long and short), description of fund terms, service providers and risk disclosures.

Tear Sheet

This one-page fact sheet is a monthly summary of key characteristics of the Fund including a description of the investment strategy, monthly net performance, risk/reward analysis, peer group analysis, benchmark analysis, current AUM, service providers and contact information.

Investor Newsletter

Assist with the preparation of an investor newsletter template to provide investors and prospective investors an opportunity to further understand the manager’s investment process, current views on the global economy, analysis of the most recent quarter’s fund performance, attribution of returns (long or short) and fund exposures (gross exposure, net exposure, sector/industry exposure, asset allocation). Assistance can also be provided to update these investor newsletters on a monthly or quarterly basis.