Mutual Fund Services For Investment And Fund Managers In Cayman Islands

Advanced Fund Administration LLC, an affiliate of AFA Cayman, is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") as a Transfer Agent under the Section 17 A(c) of the 1934 Securities Exchange Act. As a registered Transfer Agent, AFA LLC is able to administer Funds that are registered under the 1940 Investment Company Act ("Registered Mutual Funds or as they are commonly known, "'40 Act Funds").

Transfer agents record changes of ownership, maintain the issuer's security holder records, cancel and issue certificates, and distribute dividends. Because transfer agents stand between issuing companies and security holders, efficient transfer agent operations are critical to the successful completion of secondary trades. The SEC has promulgated rules and regulations for all registered transfer agents, intended to facilitate the prompt and accurate clearance and settlement of securities transactions and that assure the safeguarding of securities and funds. The rules include minimum performance standards regarding the issuance of new certificates and related recordkeeping and reporting rules, and the prompt and accurate creation of security holder records and the safeguarding of securities and funds. The SEC also conducts inspections of transfer agents.

In addition to being in a position to perform the critical Transfer Agent function for '40 Act Funds, AFA LLC will also conduct all accounting functions and through affiliations with respected law firms, the compliance and Board of Director support functions that are required for Registered Funds.

AFA LLC is pleased that it can offer this service to Investment Managers who sponsor and/or manage funds that are registered mutual funds. For more information on this service offering, please contact us at