Shareholder And Investor Services For Offshore And US Domestic Funds

AFA serves as the official books and records of the fund, recording all aspects of a fund’s trading activity, validating pricing in accordance with the fund’s pricing policy and prices published by third party pricing sources such as Bloomberg, IDC, etc., performing position and cash reconciliations, recording expense accruals, corporate actions, etc. In addition, we have the flexibility to customize reports, providing the investment manager with a comprehensive analysis of fund performance and transparent communication of fund results to investors.

AFA performs all aspects of investor services including AML/KYC due diligence, bank account set-up, facilitating the subscription/redemption and capital call process, cash management, processing of investor allocations, and preparation and distribution of investor capital statements. SunGard Investier serves as AFA’s allocation engine which can perform complex calculations such as waterfalls, tiered hurdle rates, and clawbacks. The system also features an extensive design allowing AFA to customize fee calculations for its clients. For distribution of investor statements, AFA also offers a secure investor web-portal featuring a two-factor authentication process and the ability to securely partition folders inside the data room for controlled access.

AFA,through its locations in the United States and the Cayman Islands, can service both offshore and US domestic funds, however they are structured.

AFA's Transfer Agency and Shareholder Services are consistent with leading industry standards. Our Shareholder Services team will record subscriptions, transfers and redemptions in funds and correspond with investors on a regular basis keeping them up-to-date with the status of their holdings in the funds we administer. As part of its ongoing Registered Office function, AFA will maintain the register of members for voting as well as non-voting shareholders of funds as well as holding companies.

Through our Web Reporting platform, investors will have secure and password-protected access to view their account statements and relevant fund documents. Investment Advisors are able to obtain multiple reports through their own dedicated access.

All shareholder records for offshore funds administered by AFA will be maintained in our Cayman Islands office.